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About the Company

Ogma Capital Partners Fund was founded in May 2010 and specializes in organizing direct investment in key branches of the Russian economy. Priority sectors for Ogma Capital Partners’ investment are infrastructure projects and agro-industrial complex.

The main criteria for selecting companies as investment objects are: significance for the Russian economy, prospects of a particular industry, place of the company in the market and quality of its management team.

Ogma Capital Partners is a team of professionals who have received quality fundamental education not only in Russia but also abroad and have extensive experience in corporate management and implementation of investment projects.

Top managers of Ogma Capital Partners previously held leading positions in investment and financial institutions, as well as in the largest enterprises of the real sector of economy.

Money should be operated,
instead of to serve them

[Seneca] Roman philosopher, statesman

Remember that money
possesses ability to breed

[Benjamin Franklin] American educator, statesman, scientist

Money as manure:
if them not to scatter, from them will be not enough advantage

[Francis Bacon] English philosopher-materialist